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Whether it’s the green-andwhite striped pool towels from the Beverly Hills Hotel, a copy of the Savoy Hotel’s cocktail book or the exquisite candles sold within Paris’ Hôtel Costes, a well-chosen memento allows the thrill of a perfect hotel stay to endure long after the bill is paid.

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Products from Do, the Claska Hotel store, Tokyo
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“today’s best hotel retail ventures mimic the trends of the culinary world: stridently local, ethically minded and singular”
Claska Hotel, tokyo
Chuo 1-3-18, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan. +81 (3) 3719 8121. Even non-guests visiting Tokyo make the trek to this tiny 12-room boutique hotel to experience its one-of-a-kind second-floor shop,which artfully merges boutique, gallery and event space. From the small sculptural ceramics, which exude the calm of a Shinto temple, to the cool office products of stationer Postalco, there is plenty to take home. The common thread is a level of detail and respect for authenticity you can only find in Japan. The shop’s director, Takeo Okuma, frequently travels across the country hunting for newthings to sell and display in the exquisite retail space. Rooms from $158.

We Love Kaoru plate, Luna & Curious boutique, Sanderson Hotel, London


Tocked wiTh overPriced toothpaste and out-of-date sunscreen, hotel gift shops have traditionally been the last resort for desperate travellers. but for those not tempted by a pastel terry towelling bathrobe emblazoned with a resort logo, there isgood news: the global proliferation of boutique hotels has produced a new kind of hotel store that is really something to write home about (on a limited-edition postcard, of course). properties such as New York’s Ace and London’s sanderson Hotels are breaking away from the generic and leaning towards the more innovative. Alex Calderwood, co-founder of Ace Hotels, feels the new generation wantsunique experiences in shopping and travel – or a mixture of both. “Culturally engaged guests and adventurers have a nuanced appreciation for mementos that remind them of a singular, inspiring experience.” many hotels, particularly those operated by larger companies, now turn their retail operations over to the experts. In paris, raffles’ Le royal monceau tapped acclaimed French retailer L’eclaireur toreconceive the shopping space, which was recently redesigned by philippe starck.
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The Claska Hotel store, Do Rooftop, The Standard Downtown LA

Clare Vivier clutch, The Standard Downtown LA

Hotel room at Claska

Amine eon Amharech, the boutique’s artistic director, believes innovative retail spaces help hotels differentiate themselves. Visitors can buyfurniture from the hotel rooms, unique fashion pieces, crystal from murano, vintage 1970s paul evans furniture and the Z chair from Zaha Hadid. Gallery-inspired spaces and pop-up boutiques have become a medium for hotels to test new concepts. In London, st martins Lane Hotel’s furniture design company, established & sons, opened in 2009 and several new hotel boutiques, including miami’s new oHwowboutique in the city’s standard Hotel, sell merchandise created or inspired by influential figures in the art world. today’s best hotel retail ventures mimic the trends of the culinary world: stridently local, ethically minded and singular. Ace’s Calderwood reports that one of the bestsellers at their hotel boutique is a robe by wings + Horns, a small brand in Canada. other outlets such as do, intokyo’s Claska Hotel, bridge the gap between merchant and gallery while offering visitors pieces they won’t find anywhere else. And for the traditionalists, there are plenty of hotels offering classical but highly collectable house merchandise.

sanderson Hotel
50 Berners Street, London, UK. +44 (20) 7300 1400. Luna & Curious boutique unveiled a small outpost at the...
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