How does the audience's idea of joe changes as the play progress

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In Joe Keller, Arthur miller creates a representative man. This is because, Joe is hard working, charitable, and as well a decent and ordinary man. This evidences that no one can dislike him.However, he was forced to accept responsibility. Joe Keller justifies his actions by claiming that what he did was for the well being of his family. At the end of the play, Joe learns from an old letter fromhis son, Larry, that his decision to sell the damaged airplane cylinder heads caused his own son to commit suicide. So, he couldn’t do less than that and he shoots himself.
Joe has built a home andstarted up a business to take care of his family. He is not only a hardworking but also a considerate father to his sons, Chris and Larry. The audience knows this because in Act 1, he says to Chris,"Because what the hell did I work for? That's only for you Chris, the whole shootin' match for you!". Here it is shown the first link between Joe and the audience because the love felt by his sons orto the people he is surrounded by is an important thing not only in Joe but in every person. Moreover this depicts Joe as an easy-going man.
Beyond this, it is shown that Joe has good relation withhis neighbors. As Ann says, "People like to do things for the Kellers. Been that way since I can remember". So, people although they know Joe’s mistake they feel sympathy for him and have alreadyforgiven him. The audience does exactly the same thing than this neighbors.
The audience may feel sympathy for Joe because although he made some wrong decisions he done them with a good reason andmoreover, ultimately he paid for his wrong acts.
Near the end of the play, Joe's son Chris anguishes towards the fatally decision made by his father, this assumes that the sympathy of the audience willchange. However, this is not enough to detract from the audience relating to Joe as a basically good man, who has made the hard decisions for many years and ends up a tragic hero paying for his...
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