How has our vision of the world changed through the years?

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How has our vision of the world changed throughout the years? |
Optical devices and society |

Spectacles, binoculars, telescope, microscopes, magnifying glasses, periscopes, cameras, projectors, lasers and spectroscopes are just some of the optical devices that have shaped the world we live in. From all the past optical instruments the one that call my attention is the microscope because itis a very familiar instrument for many and more than once we’ve used it, at school or even at our homes.
The microscope is an instrument that uses lenses to produce an enlarged image of small objects. As its name indicates it is an instrument to look or see objects too small for the naked eye. It was first invented during the renaissance during the time that printing, gunpowder and many moreobjects were introduced. Microscopic means invisible to the eye and the science that studies these microscopic objects is called, microscopy. The microscope was invented in Middelburg, The Netherlands, by two eyeglass makers, Hans Lippershey, who developed an early telescope, and Hans Janssen. The microscopes are used to study microscopy.
Even though it was invented in the 1590, it was only used as aserious instrument until the 1660’s and 1670’s, in Italy, England and Holland. Marcelo Malpighi began the study and analysis of biological structures with the lungs in Italy. But the greatest contribution came from Antoni van Leeuwenhoek who discovered spermatozoa and red blood cells; this discovery was reported on the 9 October 1676, as the discovery of micro- organisms.
The first inventedmicroscope was the optical microscope, which is as well as the most common type. This instrument contains one of more lenses to produce a bigger or enlarged image placed in the focal plane of the lenses.
Microscopes can be divided in different types. The types of microscopes are optical theory microscopes or light microscopes, electron microscope and scanning probe microscopes. The opticalmicroscope “function through the optical theory of lenses in order to magnify an image generate by the passage of a wave through the sample, or reflected by the sample.” Optical microscopes use electromagnetic waves and electron microscopes use electron beams. The optical microscopes use reflecting glass and sometimes plastic or quartz, to focus light into another light detector or into the eye.Without the microscope we wouldn’t be able to look many objects that aren’t visible to the human eye. The microscope allows us to observe, analyze, and see in detail very small things that are around us. An issue that has been solved using this optical device is mainly the ignorance we had of many things in the world. Using the microscope we can study many things and understand their way of functioning.Without it, it would be very difficult for us to understand certain objects or living things unavailing us to discover and know about the world we live in. Many diseases have been cured with the use of the microscope as they allow us to study bacteria and many other objects or viruses that are not visible to the naked eye.
Some of the benefits of the microscope are mainly the way it allows us tosee things that are very small and not visible to the human eye. It gives us a clearer and more specific study of our own world and helps us develop different products using small substances and objects. If we use microscopes in the right way we could discover new things and receive our knowledge from different objects. We can analyze in a more deep way many different plants, insects and manyother small things that can’t be analyze because of their size.
Some of the limitations of the microscope are that they are very expensive and fragile and they must be treated in a very delicate way so they don’t damage and can be used for a long period of time. Another limitation is that out of the focus of the microscope the image reduces its clarity. Microscopes have to be in very good...
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