How to maintain physical and mental energy to better academic performance

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  • Publicado : 29 de octubre de 2010
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How to Maintain Physical and Mental Energy to Better Academic Performance

Stress is when your tension level exceeds your energy levels. (Scott, 2010)Staying healthy is necessary to keep a healthy level of energy and for an effective stress management.

Scott (2010) gives us some tips to reduce stress:
1.Get enough sleep. Adults typically need seven to nine hours of sleep a night for best health.
2. Eat healthy. Follow a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, andwhole grains.

3. Exercise. 20 minutes a day of physical activity can reduce stress levels.
4. Avoid unnatural energy boosters. Artificial stimulants mayhelp you stay awake, but will result in an energy crash, resulting again in a greater susceptibility to stress
5. Get emotional support. Venting yourfrustrations to a trusted friend can go a long way in fighting stress.
6. Don’t give up your passions. Try to find at least a couple of hours each week to pursuea hobby or other activity that you enjoy.
7. Try not to overload yourself. If you’ve signed up for an excessive number of courses, don’t be afraid to dropone.
8. Avoid relaxing with alcohol. Having three or four beers to unwind after a hard day of studying may seem perfectly logical, but any unresolved stressthat you have will just come flooding back after your buzz subsides.
9. Breathe. Deep-breathing exercises can help melt away the tension.

10. Get amassage. Stress often causes your muscles to become tight and knotted, and a professional massage therapist can help to loosen them, providing stress relief.