How to stop global warming

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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2012
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How to stop Global Warming
Global warming is an urgent and increasing problem and it’s affecting many parts of the world. Global warming makes the sea level rise and may cause the lossof some habitat affecting plants, animals and people who live in those zones as well. Global warming also refers to the rise of the temperature which has several causes, being the most important thegreenhouse effect caused by pollution. We don’t have to wait for somebody else like the government or scientist to do something to solve this huge problem since usually big companies have a lot ofinfluences and money invested in factories and fabrics that produce coal and oil that are responsible for the emission of gases and toxic substances which pollute the air and water.
In spiteof this, we can all make contributions, as small and insignificant as they may appear, but that can help reduce the damage caused by pollution therefore having an effect reducing global warning andit’s consequences. For example, each of us can make an important contribution by changing our lifestyle to a more responsible one, a more eco-friendly lifestyle. So you may ask yourself, how can I make achange to stop global warming? Well it’s very easy actually and some of these changes do not cost at all and some other may require a little effort but in a way it’s a long term investment for theplace where you live. First, one can start by using eco-friendly products for example changing the type of lights bulbs to a compact fluorescent light, the use of renewal energy sources to reducegreenhouse emissions, cleaning the air filters, adjust the thermostat in winter and summer, don’t leave the appliances on standby if you are not using them, reducing the time we take to shower, buy productswith small packages, recycle, reuse products like plastic bags or plastic recipients.
However doing all these little changes in our everyday activities may not be enough. It’s also...
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