How to write a good essay

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Intermediate 5: Workbook – Unit 7 Page 7

Activity C

I once had a very embarrassing experience

My bithday pranks

I slipped teachers yelling at us

Skipped class


Actity D

Crazy Birthday

Last year, I had one of the most embarrassing but funny birthdays. First, my friends and

I were so bored at school, as it was December, that we skipped a class.Chemistry is not

an interesting subject;still, it is quite boring just like the teacher. However, that day, my

buddies and I were running on the halls so that we couldn’t get caught. Then, wewere

running so rapidly that I slipped on the floor. After that, my “friends” did not do

anything other than laughing at me. Meanwhile, one of them took my hand and picked

me up from the ground.In the end, my friends apologized for not having helped

me;furthermore, I obviously forgave them and now, we just remember that moment

with joy.

Intermediate 6 : Workbook – Unit 5 Page 31Activity C

The Ruins of Stonehenge, by Chris Greants

Stonehenge ruins are the most popular of England since many scientists cosiders this

spot as a mysterious one. Furthermore, the reasonswhy Stonehenge was built,which are

being matter of theoretical debates, have not been found yet. However, the construction

of Stonehenge was rather a challenge for people who worked on it. Hence,it is

unbelievable that these ruins could be built despite the fact that they had a poor

machinery in those times.

Intermediate 7 : Workbook – Unit 8 Page 48

Activity C

People who wina lot of money in the lottery are unhappy

Activity D

They don’t think about actual valuable things

Money puts them a blind eye

They forget about their family

Luxury lures them in withthe

They want to enjoy life buying things they had never had before

Activity E

1) They don’t think about actual valuable things.


2) Luxury lures them in with the thing it can...
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