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  • Publicado : 19 de abril de 2010
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FT/IR-4000/6000 Series

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers

FT-IR Sampling Accessory for JASCO FT/IR-4000/6000 Series

ATR PRO450-S / 470-H

Single reflection ATR accessoriesThe JASCO ATR PRO450-S and ATR PRO470-H single reflection ATR accessories are optimum solutions for reducing the cost and time for infrared sample analysis, especially for laboratories requiring theanalysis of several different types of samples. The ATR PRO450-S is a multi-purpose ATR accessory, available with Diamond, ZnSe or Ge, depending on the desired applications. The ATR PRO470-H providesextremely high-pressure contact and is available with a diamond ATR crystal only. A ‘torque-limiter’ pressure applicator for both accessories provides significant improvement in sample pressurecontact and repeatability.

High optical throughput Small crystal area providing intimate contact with the ATR crystal Large or thick samples handled with ease Purge capability Simple interchange ofDiamond, ZnSe, or Ge ATR crystals (PRO450-S only) Simplified cleaning of ATR crystal IQ accessory recognition


Part number Description ATR crystal: ATR/sample contact area: Number ofreflections Angle of incidence Pressure Purge capability IQ Accessory Recognition Prism Kit (Option)

ATR PRO450-S 6909-J124A Single reflection ATR accessory Diamond, ZnSe, Ge (ATR crystal orderedseparately) 1.5 mm in diameter 1 45º 340 kg/cm2 Standard Standard

ATR PRO470-H 6909-J224A High pressure, single reflection ATR accessory Diamond (ATR crystal ordered separately) 1.5 mm in diameter 145º 1700 kg/cm2 Standard Standard

PKS-ZnSe 6584-J331A ZnSe crystal kit Prism: Refractive index: Wavelength range: Solubility in water ZnSe 2.4 15000 to 550 cm-1 Insoluble

PKS-GE 6584-J332A Gecrystal kit Ge 4.0 5500 to 700 cm-1 Insoluble

PKS-D470 6909-J325A Diamond crystal kit Diamond 2.4 8500 to 300 (instrument dependent) Insoluble

Prism kit includes a prism and the following...
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