Human needs

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  • Publicado : 4 de junio de 2011
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Human beings have many needs. Some may be material, and some can be abstract. A lot of people might think they need plenty of things, but theydon’t actually need more than a few things. People need many things; such as relationships, education, and food.
All humans need people to relatewith. They need friends to spend time with, to have fun, and to share knowledge and help each other. People also need more people to work with. Theyalso need persons that share interests and join together to work and create or produce things. In short, humans need more humans.
Human beingsalso need education. They need it to know thinks like math, grammar, history, and more. They need that knowledge to have culture and know manythings so things can be easier when they have problems. People also need moral education. When people are moral, they respect and treat people right.It’s important to be an educated person, if a person is educated, he can have more friends. All in all, education is needed in a human’s life.Every single human needs food to live. They also need water to survive. Water is even more important than food because it maintains the body hydratedand fresh. Food gives energy and strength to the human body. Shortly, humans need food and water to live.
Humans may want and desire manythings, but not all of them are needed. There are only a few things that people need. Relationships, food, and education are just some examples.
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