Human resources

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1-Emotional intelligence
A set of competencies that distinguishes how people manage their feelings, interact and communicate. It refers to the capacity for recognising our ownfeelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.
A good IQ without emotional intelligence is insufficient.

2-Human resourcesfunctions

1. To plan and organise personnel
– Define work organisation at the company.
– Define functions and responsabilities for each job.
– Preview possible needs for the future of thecompany.
• Knowledge competence: ability to adapt to all different situations. It’s not so important what you do but what you would be able to do.
• Being multi-tasking becomes important!

2.Interview and set up working contracts
• Search the right profile: abilities, technical skills, experiences…
• Internal vs. external search.
• Interview: study his CV.

3. Training
• Companies andmarkets change a lot and quickly, so employees need training. The higher the retraining, the better the competitivity at the company and in the market.
• E-Learning: a new training method.
•Knowledge management: it is a tool that provides the good information at the right moment for any employee that might need that information about the company. This tool helps to transfer and shareknowledge at the company.
1. Implicit 2. Explicit.

4. Personnel administration
• To deal with all legal and administrative aspects of the employees.
• To draw up working contracts.
• Todeal with pay-backs.
• To control legal issues: maternity leaves, holidays…

5. Working health care
• To provide and improve working conditions to protect employees and offer safety needs.
•Managers are always responsible of working accidents if employees do not comply with safety standards. Companies need to ensure that healthy rules are upheld.

6. Personnel control
• RRHH...
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