The hispanic influence in the united states

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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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U.S. Hispanics are a minority which has 42.7 million people and whose expansion is transforming the economy, tastes and the face of the nation.
The economic power of Hispanics in America isundeniable, their purchasing power increase by 48 percent from 2005 to 2010, while the rest of the population will increase by only 28 percent, according to the Selig Center.

The Hispanic influence inthe United States dates back to the sixteenth century when the Spanish arrived in these lands in their pursuit of conquest and discovery of the New World, which is why many sites of the American nationtoday have names taken from the Spanish language, here are some examples of these names used in the U.S. Hispanics: The Alamo, Alcatraz Island and Boca Raton.
Turn on the television, listen toradio or rent a movie, to realize that the world has experienced an explosion of Hispanic culture. There are growing signs of contagious musical rhythms, film stars and people whose talent goes beyondthe entertainment industry.
Also, now more than ever, Latino culinary options are available to non-Hispanics and Hispanics alike. International chains of restaurants are including tacos, pozole,menudo, pupusas, empanadas, arepas and other goodies in their main menus.

But despite these cultural developments, yet many people are unaware of Hispanic heritage and history. For this reason it isimportant the education and knowledge about this influential social group, and especially this country needs people like me who want to help the Hispanic community in areas like education.Professor Marta Tienda of Princeton University, points out the factors that have prevented greater Hispanic participation in higher education and proposes that these problems not only can but must beresolved . Remove the distance in educational attainment at all levels, especially in the number of Hispanics who pursue postsecondary education and graduating, it is essential to maintaining U.S....
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