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IEEE 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless LAN PCI Adapter

Quick Installation Guide
Version 1.0 April 2006

1. Install the Driver and Utility The following installation operates under Windows XP.Procedures are similar for Windows 98SE/Me/2000. A. Turn off your computer and remove its cover. B. Insert the PCI card to an available PCI slot firmly. C. Secure this card to the rear of the computerchassis and put back the cover. D. Secure the antenna to the antenna connector of the card. E. Turn on the computer. F. Insert the Installation CD to your CD-ROM Drive. Execute the “Setup.exe”program. G. Select the Setup Language and click “OK” to proceed.

H. Click “Next” to start installing driver and utility.

I. Select the Region Domain for which WLAN is authorized to use andclick “Next” to continue.

J. Radio regulation warning window. Due to the Radio regulation at different area, different radio law might be applied. Please make sure your region selection iscorrect.

K. The system starts to install the driver and utility. Then Click “Finish” to complete the driver and utility installation.

2. Use the Configuration Utility To start configuring thecard, double click the icon in the system tray.

For Windows XP, there is a “Windows Zero Configuration Tool” for you to setup wireless clients. By default, this “Windows Zero Configuration Tool” isenabled. If you want to use the Utility for the card, please follow one of the ways as below. First Way A. Double click the icon in the system tray.

B. The utility of the card is displayed andit alerts you that you are in the Windows Zero Configuration mode. Click “OK”.

C. Uncheck “Windows Zero Config” to enable the utility of the card. Second Way A. Right-click the icon andselect “View Available Wireless Networks”.

B. Click “Change Advanced Setting”.

C. Uncheck “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings” to enable the utility for the card.

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