In vitro fertilisation

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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2011
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In vitro fertilisation

The process for In vitro fertilisation is when a egg cell is fertilized by a sperm outside of the woman’s body, and is consider a major treatment of fertilization because isthe method that works when some others had fail.
This process involves the ova (egg) who’s removed from the woman’s ovary and a sperm is let to fertilise it in a fluid medium, then the fertilizedegg is transfer to the patience uterus with the purpose to get a successful pregnancy.

Pros of In vitro fertilisation:

In vitro fertilisation helps woman who suffer of infertility due to problemsof the fallopian tube, and also helps man who also suffer of infertility due to defect sperms.

To improve the pregnancy rates using the process of in vitro fertilisation, laboratories havedeveloped sophisticated methods, to chose and judge oocyte and embryo quality, and there’s evidence that a morphological
scoring system is the best strategy for the selection of embryos.

Technology hadalso help the process of in vitro fertilisation to have a rate of pregnancy better than a couple of years ago. As a result of this now a days in vitro fertilisation has a 35% of pregnancy rate, andalso is estimated that 66% of patients starting in vitro fertilisation treatment finally succeed in having a child.

Cons of In vitro fertilisation:

In order to work in vitro fertilisation needs ahealthy ova, sperm that can fertilise, and a uterus that can maintain a pregnancy, due to this it makes it a very expensive procedure, so in general in vitro fertilisation is used after otherprocedures had fail.

In vitro fertilisation is not as effective in older couples as it is in younger ones. A Canadian clinic reported that birth rates in younger patients were slightly higher, with asuccess rate of 35.3% for patients 21 or younger, in difference of patients of 37 years or older who reported a decrease of 27.4% of birth rate.

An in vitro fertilisation experience can result in...
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