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  • Publicado : 20 de marzo de 2011
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Message from an Indigo
  Words to and from an Indigo. Most people tend to live their lives very detached from the “now.” People tend to center themselves in either the past or the future. For example, when you sit and talk with others, what do you talk about? Is it not about things you have seen or done, or perhaps things you plan to do in the future? And even when a person enjoys anoccasion, they may perhaps do something like take a photograph, so they can remember the event and discuss it with their friends later - thereby centering themselves in the past. They may plan future events to look forward to, and even during these planned occasions, will spend their time still planning - planning what next to do, or what next to say - thus always centering themselves in the future.There are few who actually center themselves in the now. Yet now is where you are. It is within this Nowness, that all that is the essence of your life, and all that you experience lies. Always be aware of the now. It is a well known fact in virtually all fields, that all forms of organic life contain electrical energy, and each one has a specific aura of a certain color generated by the energyoutput of the organism. These auras can be seen by some, and have often been photographed by means of special cameras, surrounding plants animals and people. However, in recent years, a new aural color has emerged among humans. These people are known as the Indigo Children, or simply the Indigo’s which is to say, their auras are a deep blue indigo in color. For those of you who are versed in the spiritor the study of these auras, I will state here at the start that I am a full Indigo, I am now 50 years of age and I was among the first of the cycles of Indigo’s to be born.  Indigo children are said by many to be blessed with an intuitive insight and are usually seen as somewhat different. They are often thought of as wise and clever by their friends and are frequently accused of giving far toomuch of themselves to others. They are often referred to as guides to the new age on many websites. In their early years, many are seen as problem children, or perhaps a little withdrawn, and may sometimes be ostracized by their peers, but often go on to later become creative artists, musicians, authors, researchers or even teachers. Often they are quiet and withdrawn and though not violent, theycan be quite quick and stinging in their rage. Indigo’s have a different perspective in their views and understanding of the world than most people, and are extremely difficult to mold into the designs of society or the controlled robot-like mindset of most workers. To indigo’s, humankind is one, and the rigors and carefully contrived social structure of our now fear driven societies can onlyserve to divide and isolate people - while devoting ones life to the acquisition and accumulation of wealth and trinkets, usually at the expense of another, is simply meaningless, and also highly detrimental to the soul. Such activities are simply pointless pursuits to an indigo. I would like to stress also, that it is not my desire through any of this talk, to try and portray myself as any kind ofguru or cultist, nor do I claim myself to be any type of Elder or make an attempt at any title or fame. Like most indigo’s, I dislike undue attention and take the hue of my aura for granted. My only desire is to offer information to people and I would never even usually worry about mentioning my aura to others. It’s just not a big deal to me. It just is. And I am simply who I am. However I mentionit now for a reason, and that is to help other indigo’s who are awakening and who may be feeling confused at their new found awareness, and also to help alert still others to the truth about the possibilities within themselves, and the truth of the world they reside in. I mention it now because I feel it is necessary to mention it. Now I know all this may sound a bit strange to you initially,...
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