Individual performance plan

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An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a formal document that will outline individual developmental objectives and career goals. The Revenue Manager and the analyst will jointly develop the IDP.This plan will contains training, education, and development activities (formal and informal) to acquire the competencies needed to meet IDP goals. A link to the needs of the company and job proficiencymust be identified.

The IDP will benefit the following aspects:

Ensures that the employee maintains the current level of job proficiency through continued training and developmental activities.The analyst charts a career path by identifying new knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue, as well as learning activities needed to reach the established goals.

The IDP will supportcompany mission and career job needs

The IDP will be divided in 3 areas:

Identification of Objectives (analyst)
Read yourjob description.
Read your most recent performance appraisal.
Read your office/division mission and function statement.
List specific job activities that you enjoyed in the past year.
List specificjob activities that you did not enjoy in the past year.
Identify elements of your job where you succeed
List those elements of your job where you believe performance could be improved.
List thoseactivities within your office/division that are interesting to you.

Identification of Development Activities (analyst)
List the ten most common tasks that you perform. (Tasks are single activitiesthat cannot be meaningfully broken down into smaller elements.)
Identify the knowledge, skills and abilities that are needed to perform each task.
Identify and prioritize the knowledge, skills andabilities you do not have or those you need to strengthen.
Identify short-term development activities that will help you acquire the needed knowledge, skills and abilities.
List the knowledge,...
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