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B. Fill in the blank spaces with the appropriate phrasal verbs from the following list

1. While Sam was driving, he ran of gas.
2. When you enter the building, please take  
your hat.
3. I'msorry. I let you yesterday.
4. If you don't know the meaning of a word, look it in the dictionary.
5. It's cold outside, please put your sweater.
6. Don't make excuses! I don't believe you!
7.To apply for the job, please fill the form.
8. The computer has broken and I can't read
my email.
9. Please, don't bring that topic at dinner.
10. It's hot, I'm going to take my jacket.Phrasal Verbs
The Phrasal Verb | The Meaning | An example
( Simple Past Tense) | S=Separable
I=Inseparable |
do up | To fasten an item of clothing. | She did his jacket up for him before he leftthe house. | S |
dress up | To dress (oneself or another) in your best clothes.


To put on fancy dress (disguise oneself or another to be someone else) in children's games. | She enjoyeddressing up to go out.


The children enjoyed dressing up in their mother's clothes. | I |
hang out | To dry clothes outside after washing. | The weather was fine, so she hung out the washing. |S |
hang up | To put something on a hook or a hanger. | She was a very neat child. She hung her clothes up every night. | S |
have on | To wear an item of clothing on one's person. | She had ared t-shirt on when he saw her. | S |
kick off | To remove your shoes quickly. | He kicked his shoes off as soon as he got home. | S |
put on | To dress yourself or someone else with an item oritems of clothing. | He put his shoes on before he went out. | S |
slip on | To put on an item of clothing easily. | She slipped her sandals on before she went into the sea. | S |
take off | Toremove any item of clothing. | He took his shoes off before he went to bed. | S |
try on | To put on an item of clothing to find out whether it fits or is suitable. | She always tried shoes on before...
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