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The Influenza
In the world there are some diseases like cool, fever, scabies, strokes and influenza. Some of these diseases are caused for animal virus like influenza. I am talking about theinfluenza like what is influenza? How to prevent, where are did this strain of influenza come from? , What is a "pandemic" and does the definition of that word relate to swine flu? Why is the economyreacting to this flu?
The first question is what is the influenza? The influenza is the name of the swine flu virus and there are four types of this virus of swine flu H1N1, H1N2, H3N2, H3N1 this virus wasrotation with different virus and that is the cause of the more viruses. For example the swine flu was modify for had the contact with the birds flu and human flu.
Also you can prevent the influenzawith an easy process like Avoid approaching people who are sick. The sick person should avoid exposing others to protect them and prevent them from getting sick too. If voluntary confinement is sickor staying at home is a great help to prevent others from getting sick. Do not send sick children to school. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and Wash your hands often to help protect you fromgerms. For example you can use the cover mouth when you are in social public places, also you can use the plastic gloves when you shake hand other people.
Also you need know where are did influenzacome from. There are different hypothesis some people says “the influenza come from pig because the virus H1N1 is of the pig”, however the FMV (Federacion Mexicana de Veterinarios) think thatinformation is not true in Mexico because the health department stared with the inspection of the all pig in Mexico and they not discover the influenza, that information is based in the Tres siglos de TorreonNewspaper.
Another point very important is to know what is pandemic of swine flu? “A pandemic is an outbreak of disease that spreads worldwide. An influenza pandemic occurs when there is a new...
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