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  • Publicado : 28 de abril de 2011
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Cat5 CCTV Cable Installation Guide
Cat 5 cable has become increasingly popular for CCTV installations. It is easy to install and produces excellent results with clear video signals over considerable distances and with the use of Video Baluns. It is also possible to carry both power and multiple video signals through a single cable. A CCTV Video Signal is an unbalanced signal so the use of CCTVbaluns is recommended - the balun balances the signal at the camera for transmission then unbalances the signal for connection to recording equipment. In addition to to longer cable runs, the use of CAT5 cable for CCTV has other advantages. When used with CAT5 video baluns, camera signals are less prone to interference and it is also possible to run 4 camera signals down a single cable, whichoffers significant savings on time and cabling costs. For the purposes of this guide we will focus on the use of Cat5 equipment for standard domestic, office and business applications. Long Range transmission is covered in our Active Transmitter guide. One of the immediate benefits of using Cat5 cabling is it’s ease of use - Cat5 is a smaller diameter cable than either standard RG59 or RG59+2 (shotguncable), making it easier to install, easier to conceal cables and requiring smaller drill holes during installation. This guide has been split into different sections showing various methods of using CAT5 Cable and equipment for CCTV Installation.

Basic Video & Power Connections using Cat5 Video Transceiver Baluns.

Start with one end of your Cat5 Cable, pull the cable straight to make iteasier to work with.

Trim the PVC sheath to expose the 4 twisted cable pairs.

Choose a pair to carry the video signal - video must be transmitted on a single pair.

Trim the sheath on the chosen cable pair for the video signal - 4~5mm is normally sufficient.

Insert the trimmed video cable pair into the terminal connection block on the video balun.

Ensure orientation of cable ie: makesure it matches at both ends of the cable Video to + & screen to -

Choose another pair for power transmission and trim sheath by about 4~5mm

Insert trimmed cable into the DC Power Jack and tighten screws to locate cables

Ensure cable orientation positive to + and Negative to -

At the other end of the cable fit the DC Socket adaptor.

Ensure cable orientation matches that of the DCsocket - + to Positive and Negative to _

Connect Balun and DC Jack to Camera lead and Connect the other end to the power supply & DVR

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Cat5 CCTV Cable Installation Guide
There are various different types of baluns and connections. Below are a couple of examples of other connections. Please Note: Although we cover the making up of a CAT5 lead withan RJ45 Plug later in this guide, we would not recommend using this type of balun unless the installer is used to working with Cat5 cable or you intend on multiple installations with this method as a Cat5 Crimping tool is essential for this type of connection.

Cat5 Video “tool-less” Connections

Balun with Terminal

As before - trim cable to around 4mm, depress the plug, insert cable andrelease plug to lock cable.

Cat5 Video Balun with RJ45 Type Socket Connection.

The making of an RJ45 cable is covered later in this guide - simply plug the pre-made RJ45 into Balun

Using Multi Channel Cat5 Video Transceiver Baluns.
In addition to single baluns, multi channel transceiver baluns are another method of reducing cable costs and installation time. These units can carry 4 videosignals down a single Cat5 cable allowing for neater installations. Units come as 4 Channel, 8 Channel, 16 Channel and 32 Channel - a mixture of transceivers and single baluns can be used. Several example diagrams are included at the end of this guide. Multi channel receivers are commonly used to keep cabling neat at the recording station. Another common use is to allow a single cable to carry 4...
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