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The story is about a boy named Darren who, since he was little, he liked to catch, collect spiders and make themhis pets. So he grew up with that obsession for the spiders.
When he was younger he met a boy named Steve who would become his best friend but they had a very differentfamily, while Darren family was educated, rich and perfect, Steve family was a perfect disaster, his dad was died, his brothers were in jail and his only family, his mom, was analcoholic and was always drunk. So Steve was rude and lazy, but he’s obsessed for the vampires, he had every kind of books about vampires and their traditions.
One day Stevetold to Darren that he have to break the lamp of the school to be rebel like him and he did it, but one teacher saw what he did and call his parents. His parents were verydisappointed and they forbade Darren to see again Steve but he ignored his parents.
The next day Steve and Darren were walking when a strange and black car appear in the streetand gave them a flyer that announced the arrive of the cirque du freak for just one night and they decided to go.
That night they escape from their home and going to buy thetickets. When they enter at the cirque du freak they were impressed. It had all kinds of creatures, werewolves, snake charmers and too much freak things.
But in the finalscene appear one spider charmer and Darren is fascinated with that spider and all the tricks he can do, and Steve found that the trainer was a vampire.
At the end of the showDarren steals the spider but when he tries to escape the vampire enter in the room and Darren hides in the closet when Steve enter in the room too and begs to the vampire that
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