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  • Publicado : 23 de octubre de 2010
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Water pollution
The polluted water is a big problem in México, a lot of water has toxic chemicals and industrial waste, so water is poisoned. Chiefs of big factories are poisoning the water withindustrial disposal merely to save a little quantity of money, as well the ignorance from farmers, make water polluted. Some stats said that the 35% of water pollution in oceans is caused by industrialwaste, farm runoff and litter; Greenpeace released some data about. If we do not do anything this will cause a chain reaction and the life in the planet will end.
Some small factories with verylow money empty their waste into oceans and rivers; this is because the chiefs of these factories do not have a good environmental education and they ignore the consequences that they are causing forthe entire world; in addition, some workers of factories throw their garbage in the same water. An example is when Greenpeace made an investigation about this problem in an industrial district inThailand; they have to collect some water there, but because of the toxicity they have to use special protective suits, the result: the activist of Greenpeace have to warn local communities of thedangerous chemical poisons lurking in their water.
Another important cause are the farms that do not have too much money to buy pesticides that do not affect the environment, they want to protect thevegetables from pests but instead of that they are poisoning water, there are chemical proofs that the pesticides that they use are very dangerous for human.
Some effects about both causes are thatfishes and marine life is dying in oceans, lakes and rivers, because they get poisoned with this toxic wastes; other thing is that some humans that live near the polluted water get poisoned too andsometimes in extreme cases they died. In an extreme case the world will be without clean water and the human live cannot exist.
To solve this problem we could give some classes for the unconscious...
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