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Introduction: There are people that find it really annoying when the person they’re sleeping with steals their blanket, but what about sleeping near something that steals your blood? Yes, Bedbugs areback, and some of you didn’t even know they were real.

What are bedbugs? They are tinny tiny bugs that could be living in your couch or maybe your bed frame, but also in cracks in walls andmolding, clothing, ceiling holes. They live in pretty much any dark, protected area. Bed bugs have no wings, so they crawl from surface to surface. They’re quick and adaptable.

The size of a bed bugwhen is full-grown is the size of an apple seed. They live from the human blood, and they love to eat late at night.

Adult bedbugs can live up to a year without a meal, so there’s no guarantee thatthe new apartment you move into that’s been vacant for 6 months will be free of these little friends.

They do not transmit disease, but may cause symptoms including rash, psychological distress,and insomnia.

Random facts about bedbugs are that:
- Bed bugs can have 10,000 babies in three months.
- New York City has gone from 82 infestations in 2004 to 4,088 in 2009.

How theybite?
Bedbugs spray an anesthesia before they bite, so you won’t feel them. The bumps or rashes will appear within 2 weeks. There’s not a lot you can do for the itching. Each person’s bumps may bedifferent.

How you can get rid of the bumps or rashes?
A good anti-itch cream will be really helpful. You can find anti-itch creams over the counter or with prescription.
A couple days on Benadrylwill help. Benadryl does not help the itching, but it will make the bumps stop spreading or growing.

How you can get rid of them?
- Expose the infected area to temperatures above 120 degrees For below 32 degrees F.
- Heavy-duty vacuuming of all carpets.
- Laundering affected textiles (clothing, bedding).
- Sealing an infected mattress in plastic (to suffocate the bugs)
-Using insect...
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