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Reach and Move 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Can either of these therbligs be eliminated? Can distances be shortened to advantage? Are the best means (conveyors, tongs,tweezers) being used? Is the correct body member (fingers, wrist, forearm, shoulder) being used? Can a gravity chute be employed? Can transports be effected through mechanization and foot-operated devices?Will time be reduced by transporting in larger units? Is time increased because of the nature of the material being moved or because of a subsequent delicate positioning? 9. Can abrupt changes indirection be eliminated? Grasp Would it be advisable for the operator to grasp more than one part or object at a time? Can a contact grasp be used rather than a pickup grasp? In other words, can objects beslid instead of carried? Will a lip on the front of bins simplify grasping small parts? Can tools or parts be pre-positioned for easy grasp? Can a vacuum, magnet, rubber fingertip, or other device beused to advantage? Can a conveyor be used? Has the jig been designed so that operators may grasp the part easily when removing it? Can the previous operator pre-position the tool or the work,simplifying grasp for the next operator? 10. Can tools be pre-positioned on a swinging bracket? 11. Can the work table surface be covered with a layer of sponge material so that the fingers can enclose smallparts more easily? Release 1. 2. 3. 4. Can the release be made in transit? Can a mechanical ejector be used? Are the bins that contain the part after its release the proper size and design? At theend of the therblig release, are the hands in the most advantageous position for the next therblig? 5. Can multiple units be released? Pre-Position 1. Can a holding device at the workstation keep toolsin the proper positions and the handles in upright positions? 2. Can tools be suspended? 3. Can a guide be used? 4. Can a magazine feed be used? 5. Can a stacking device be used? 6. Can a rotating...
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