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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2012
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Cami: Hello shii
Shi: hi cami!
C: How are you
S: Findd tanks and youu
C: find too…and what you been doing?
how about your notes yesterday?
S: ummmm I have my grades dropped alittle … I have to improvee veryy much to the other bimonthly
C: ohh realyy… and in wich subjects downloaded??
S: in historyy andd mathh…. but I will strive for the followingqualifications
C: that´s very good!!!
S: yess.-…. Andd youu??
C: ummm the same butt I downloades in science and english…
S: we have to improve for next bimonthly!!!
C: yess you havereasonn……. Ohh truu.. I almost forgor to ask youu something
S: okeyy tell mee!
C: my language´s teacher sent me a job about the future of the people and I want to ask you to help meS: and in what can I help you??
C: I want to make you an interview about what you do in the future
S: of coursee tell me!!
Bla bla bla ( futuro)=
C: okeyy!!! Graxxx shii!!! UPSSSPERDON N… tankss for your help shii!!
S: your welcome camii!! ,…. Heyy now its my turn of assk you something…
C: off course tell me
S: What aere you doing on Saturday??
C: ummm I amvisitting to my grandmother on saturdayy… and whyy the quistion??
S: ummm I wanted to invite you to the movies….
C: ohhh sorry I would like butt I can´t ……sooryy!!!!!
S: umm ant thenext Friday???
C: I am studingg forr thee tests! They are veryy difficult!!
S:umm and the other weekend?
C: umm I don’t know but I think that I am visiting my uncles in Guayaquil…S: ohh noo!! We can´nt have some fun… that is really bad!!
C: yesss!!!
S: ummm and what are you doinh the next july???
C: ohh .. in think I´m not doing to do anyythingg..
S:reaally? That well so would you like go to the movies with me next July?
C: off courseee .. I wouldd likee..
S: okeyyy don’t forgett….. next julyy!!!
C: okeyy byess..!!
S: byes!!!