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OData SDK Overview

The OData SDK is for building native mobile applications. It consists of a collection of runtime libraries and classes.
The OData SDK supports Android, BlackBerry and iOS platforms and it is based on the native device SDKs of the platforms. There is an implementation for each platform. Native applications installed on the devices allow the client application to leverage thesupport provided by the given platform, for example:
* Adapt to each device’s form factor (for example, automatic layout)
* Exploit different input methods (for example, touch screen, keyboard or trackball)
* Cache data in native device data stores for better performance
* Tightly integrate with the features of the device
The general description of the SDK components follows. Fordetailed platform specific descriptions, see the respective chapters on Android, BlackBerry and iOS.

Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1

New Features for Sybase Mobile SDK
Sybase® Mobile SDK is now a distinct installable component of Sybase Unwired Platform, and provides the means to develop mobile applications.
Sybase Mobile SDK comprises the following components.
* Sybase Unwired WorkSpace* Native Object API
* HTML5/JS Hybrid App API
* OData SDK (New)
Sybase Unwired Platform is comprised of two installers: Sybase Mobile SDK and Sybase Unwired Platform Runtime. For a list of documentation, see Documentation Set Changes in this guide.
* Installation and Upgrade
The Sybase Mobile SDK is now a separate installer.
* Mobile Business Object Development
Describesnew or changed features for Mobile Business Object development.
* Mobile Workflow Development
Describes new or changed features for Mobile Workflow development.
* OData SDK
The new OData SDK enables you to develop online applications that use OData protocol and connect to SAP EIS systems, such as SAP Business Suite, via SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

Mobile Business Object DevelopmentDescribes new or changed features for Mobile Business Object development.
* Unwired WorkSpace generates a unified deployment package that supports both message-based and replication-based synchronization paradigms – if using the same package for MBS and RBS clients, you need to deploy it only once.
Documented in:
* Sybase Unwired WorkSpace – Mobile Business Object Development – search for:* Configuring a Mobile Deployment Package for the Target Unwired Server
* Deployment Mode and Target Version

Mobile Workflow Development
Describes new or changed features for Mobile Workflow development.
* Automatic registration – allows you to provision the Hybrid Web Container on the client without the need for an administrator to register an application connection onUnwired Server beforehand.
* Public JavaScript APIs allow you to develop a mobile workflow application manually, without using the Mobile Workflow Forms Editor. Developing a mobile workflow application this way allows you to use of a greater variety of application designs, from using different HTML formatting to using different Web application frameworks.
* Ability to switch from username/password credentials to using an X.509 certificate as credentials.
* Conditional navigation – the Online Request menu item type is extended to include multiple possibilities for navigation in addition to the "Success Screen" navigation that was previously available. This allows you to override the navigation behavior after the successful return on an online (synchronous) request.
*Enhancement to the CustomBeforeSubmit function – allows you to examine and manipulate the workflow message. You can use this function to save and retrieve values.
* Public JavaScript APIs:
* The getPicture function opens the device's default camera application or the photo library application.
* JavaScript API for X.509 credential handling – use these functions to create an user...
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