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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2012
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3 typical Mexican dishes
This essay speaks about Tortas Ahogadas, Birria and Pozole. After read this essay you’ll know much new things about the Mexican kitchen and you’ll learn whatto eat and how to eat those platters.

The Torta Ahogada is a very commune food in Guadalajara. You’ll find in every corner a stand who sells Tortas Ahogadas. The people from this citynormally love to eat them with a lot of Hot Chili Sauce named “bien ahogada”, someone how isn’t accustomed to eat spicy food shouldn’t eat the Torta like the Tapatios.
The main ingredients areBolillo (special bread from Guadalajara), fried beans, carnitas (special preparation of pork meat), tomato sauce and spicy chili sauce.
The Tapatios eat the Torta Ahogada normally with the fingers, likea Hamburger, the meat and a little bit of the beans go inside the bread and the tomato and chili sauce over all the preparation. Just delicious.

Another traditional platter is the Birria. You canfind a lot of different preparations all over the country. The locales of Guadalajara eat the Birria with fried beans, handmade tortillas, chili sauce and a little bit of lemon juice.
The mainingredients are lamb or beef, a lot of different spices and chilies, fat, a maguey leaf and water. It’s a complicate process and a lot of work until you get the delicious Birria. To cherish the Birria,join it with an Iced Corona beer.

The last dish is a special that’s used at family reunions or other family events. It’s made from cacahuazintle corn with pork meat, chili peppers and otherseasonings and garnish. The broth can be red or white, it depends the region you eat it.
The locals love to eat the Pozole it’s like Lasagne for Italians or Fondue for the Swiss.

The Mexicandishes are heavy, a lot of fat and flour but they are scrumptious. It’s a most to eat those platters in the streets of Guadalajara. The typical food from Guadalajara is very good, you just need to...