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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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Group Members:
Project: Steamboat

Grade: Seventh Grade

San Pedro Sula

The next report shows how can we makea steamboat with materials that we can find them easily. In this report it too shows us how to make it step by step.
With the objective of showing that with a candle and a test tube we can make asteamboat, without many economic costs, because all materials that we will need we can find them in our house or college.

1) Hereby this project is known as the third law of Newtonwhich explain us the force “action and reaction”
2) Give to know the heat energy by means of which in sets in motion the steamboat.
3) Through the water vapor we present the mechanical energy.4) Also we notice the reaction of water decomposition into simple elements.
5) This is done through the formation of steam, and that adding heat to the water temperature increases until theboiling point (100 degrees Celsius).

A steamboat is a mechanic dispositive that becomes the energy of the steam in mechanical energy and has several applications in propulsion andelectricity generation. The basic principle of the steamboat water into mechanical energy, making him that the vapor expands and cools in a cylinder fitted with a piston phone.

* Testtube
* Deformable wires
* a toy boat
* 3 candles
* Matches
* Scissors
* Water
* Tape
* Syringe needle
* cork


1) We put inside the test tube 10ml of water.
2) We close the orifice of the test tube putting a cork with a syringe needle inside this.
3) Put on a base the candles and the wires the support for the test tube.
4) Putthe boat inside a container with water for putting it to work.
5) And ready the boat will move by the reaction of the decomposition of water.


The result is that the steamboat move...
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