Inglés unit 7 a 9

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Vocabulary Examples
bet money – apostar dinero bet money on a horse race
borrow money – pedir dinero prestado borrow money from a friend
earn money – obtener dinero earn money at work
invest money – inverter dineroinvest money in property
save money – ahorrar dinero save money in a bank account
spend money – gastar dinero spend money on clothes
waste money – malgastar dinero waste money on cigarettes
win money – ganar dinero win money on the lottery

I suppose
Would you liketo go traveling? I suppose so.
I suppose, you should study more.
He always does his homework, I suppose.

I guess
You need buy new clothes, I guess.
Will your brother comes to home? I guess so.
You have to do more exercise, I guess.

You use I suppose when you reflect on something.
You use I guess when you are not sure about it.

What is a mark leader?
Marca líder.

BimboBimbo was founded in 1945 in Mexico City. It is the biggest Mexican company of food. Prepares, distributes and markets around 5 000 products in 100 brands. One of its first products and perhaps the most representative of the company is the bread box. In 2005 worldwide sales totaled $ 5.2 billion. It has 81 thousand collaborators who are employed at his 71 plants and 3 marketers. Bimbo is present in15 countries. Bimbo bread is part of Mexican culture.
Place on top of mind: it is the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to bread.

Present Simple passive
We use the present tense of the verb to be + Past participle.

The class is given by the teacher.
The internet is used by a lot of people.
The mobile phones are sold in the entire world.

Past Simple passiveRule:
We use the past tense of the verb to be + Past Participle.

The house was built in 1990.
A letter was written by Tom.
He was invited to the party.

What is anti-globalization?
Is critical of the globalization of corporate capitalism.

Name three different types of brands.
Coca-Cola, Windows, Warner Bros.

make a noise
make a difference
make a change

Dodo a favor
do justice
do my best

Present Perfect
We form the Present Perfect with have + Past Participle.

They have visited the museum.
The secretary has decided to look for a new job.
She has gone to school.

He has just finished his homework.
She has just eaten.
They have just gone.

She has already sent a letter.
They have already visited you.He has already gone to LA.

What is an advert?
Anuncio publicitario.


Shine with striking sparkles, which a sensation gives to your lips of smoothness and a "wet effect ".

AVON: Lips with color and sensational sheen!!

For a woman "self-confident, independent, fun, modern and that knows what wants ". With a fresh aroma, floral and sweet with oriental touches.

CH:Leave your aroma wherever you go!


Meaning of gossip?
Chisme, conversations with rumors about other people.

don’t you think? Isn’t he?
It’s the best program, don’t you think?
He’s really handsome, don’t you think?
She is very intelligent, isn’t she?
They’re from Mexico, aren’t they?

Past Participle
shake – shaken become - become
swim – swum catch- caught
teach – taught feel - felt
forbid – forbidden know – known

Past Perfect
We use the verb had + Past Participle.

She had studied for the exam.
He had won a lot of money.
We had seen the film.

Vocabulary The press
an article – un artículo
a broadsheet newspaper – periódico de gran formato
a headline – un titular
a magazine – una...
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