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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2012
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This style is the fastest swimming style. The hardest thing is learning that requires the coordination mechanism of respiration. This position with his face submerged must be maintained tofacilitate progress, because this way we eliminate friction with water.

Movement of the legs.
The legs beat from the hip joint with alternating movements During the downward movement, the knees areextended. The momentum depends heavily on the speed of translational motion .
(mirar pantalla movimiento brazos)

This style has the important advantage that will face out of water duringthe swim, this makes it the preferred style of many beginners, also a negative side as is the lack of visibility in the direction you are swimming.

Movement of the legs.
The movement of the legs isequal to that of front crawl, except for the swimmer's position that this face-up.
(mirar pantalla movimiento brazos, igual que crol)

This style has as features that provide ease forswimming at the beginning of the teaching of swimming. Since it may be swum with the head above water, it feels the student more control over water and better visibility.

Movement of the legs.
3 times:1.Bend the legs and feet bringing your heels toward your buttocks together and your knees directly to the breast
2. Keeping the legs flexed and flexed and heels together, place the toes out willingto support.
3. Extend your legs out and back in a circle and join them with energy, keeping the foot position of previous time, until the end of the movement.
(mirar pantalla movimiento brazos)Breathing.
The head rises and performs the inspiration at the end of the thrust phase, when the arms are relatively high in water.

MARIPOSAThis style is the hardest to learn. Requires greaterphysical fitness and good coordination. Don’t start practicing until you master the butterfly other styles.

Movement of the legs.
The leg movement is similar to crawl but with the proviso that the...
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