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Edna Rodriguez Segura |
10/01/2012 |

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(相撲) (in Japanese), sumō(do ?) orsumo wrestling is a type of wrestling where both wrestlers opponents or rikishi are faced in a circular area. It is of Japanese origin and retains much of the ancient Shinto tradition.
Despite the largeamount of ritual sintoistas before and after the fighting, the rules themselves are few and are not complex:
1. The first wrestler to touch the ground with any part of his body except his feet isremoved.
2. The first to make contact with the outside of the circle of struggle (either with their feet or any other part of his body) wrestler.
3. A wrestler that uses an illegal technique or kinjite,as blows, kinking, or dislocations joints, and others; It is eliminated.
4. If a wrestler loses the mawashi (unique dress used during a sumo bout), it is removed.
Sumo matches often last few secondsas one of the wrestlers often be pushed immediately outside the circle. Each match is preceded by an elaborate ceremonial ritual . Athletes who practice sumo are recognized by their large size, thebody mass is a decisive factor in sumo, so the diet that lead its practitioners is designed specifically to gain and maintain weight.[1]
Rings of sumo are known as the dohyō. The dohyō is made of claywith sand spread on its surface. Measured between 34 and 60 cm tall. The circle is approximately 4.55 m in diameter and is delimited by a large rope of rice called tawara, who is buried in the clay. Inthe Centre are drawn two lines, the shikiri-sen, where rikishi must position themselves before the confrontation.


Engraving by Kuniyoshi Utagawa.
One of the earliest references to sumo isthe oldest book of Japan, the Kojiki or "record of ancient matters" submitted to the Imperial Court in the year 712. The book recounts a legend about the origins of sumo 2500 years ago. This legend...
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