Ingles 1.1

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1. As you know, Paco has won the lottery and he is planning to visit Britain this summer. In this first unit you are learning about Paco and his family. Here you have atext from topic 1 about he and his family.

|Paco is a twenty-one-year-old student. Although he is young he is already a millionaire. But there are many other aspects about him that you ||don’t know yet. |
|Paco studies Fourth Year of World History at the University of Extremadura in Cáceres. He is abrilliant student and he really likes to study |
|the subjects related to his Degree, but he is not completely perfect, so he finds it difficult the learning of the English language. |
|Paco is 1,80 metres tall. He is the tallest member in thefamily. He is brown-haired and nearly skinny. He likes sports, basketball and tennis |
|above all. He also likes cinema and pop music. He is always wearing jeans and t-shirts and he is very fond ofleisure wear. |
| |
|Paco has asister and a brother apart from his parents. These are called Antonio and Isabel. Sonia is his sister and his brother's name is |
|Carlos. He is not married so Paco doesn't have any niece or nephewyet. But Paco has also grandparents on his mother's side. He usually visits |
|them because they live in Cáceres too. His grandfather's name is Sebastián and María is his grandmother's name. They...
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