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1.- Put the sentences of this conversation in the correct order: (1 point)

a. First class or second class?
b. There is one at 9.15, changing at Reading andarriving in Torquay at 13.20, and there is a direct one at 12.40 , arriving at 16.00.
c. Second class.
d. Platform two.
e. What time is the next train to Torquay, please?
f. How much is the returnfare, please?
g. Eighteen pounds.
h. What platform, please?
i. Thank you very much.

1. E 2. B 3. F 4.A 5.C 6. G 7. H 8.D 9.I

2.- Write a short text for a foreign visitor with information aboutpublic transport in your town. Minimum: 50 words. (3 points)
In Sant Joan Despí there are lots of buses that connect the village with the centre of Barcelona. They run from 6 in the morning tomidnight, all the days (from Monday to Saturday)you should take number seventeen. The bus stop is in front of my house. Also, there is the Tram, the Tram stop is in front of my house too, I think that it'scalled “Levante Les Planes”. I don't know the running hours but you could see his Web site at, in that Web Site there is all the information like the running hours, types of tickets,frequency...if you have any further qüestions just called me!

3.- Complete these sentences with a suggestion. Use the words in brackets. Then say what the other person would say in case ofagreement. (4 points)

1. A: Let's go to the cinema (cinema)!
B: Yes, let's do that!
2. A: Why don't we go to a football match? (football match) ?
B: Yes we can go
3. A: Shall we go to thetheatre?(theatre) ?
B: I'm sorry but today I'm tired, I prefer staying at home...
4. A: How about some wine?(some wine)?
B: Yes of course!

4.- What has she done at the weekend? (2 points)

1. Shebought a car.

2. She sent a letter.

5.- Put the correct word in the blanks. Use: will, have, had, did, do, does.(10 points)

1.What did you do yesterday?
2.Have you finished your homework?...
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