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Choose the correct answer to complete the next statements, use the first conditional.

1.- If I move to Boston, __________ on main street.
A) I live B) I’ll live C) I lived D) I’ll lived
2.- If ___________ your mother, She’ll be very happy.
A) You call B) you called C) you have called D) you will call
3.- _________ to her, If __________ in a hurry tonight.
A) I was written B) Iwrote C) I’ll write D) I’ll write
I was not I have not be I’ll be not I’m not
4.- If she __________ sick, she’ll go to school
A) Isn’t B) wasn’t C) won´t be D) hasn’t been
5.- If it rains today, we _________ to the park.
A) went B) won´t to go C) go D) had go

Choose the correct answer to complete thenext statements, used to and the simple present.

6.- Mr. Thompson ___________ houses, but now, he _________English
A) Used to built B) used to build C) use to build D) use to built
Taught teaches teach teacher
7.- in the past, I ____________ a lot of money, but now, I ________ my money
A) Used to spend B) use tospent C) used to spent D) use to spend
Save saved take care took care
8.-now, they ________ in a house, but two years ago they____________ an apartment
A) Used to lived B) lives c) live D) use to life
Rent use to rented used to rentrented
9.- Rita ___________ a teacher, but now, she __________ retired.
A) Use to be B) used to be C) use to been D) used to been
be is was been
10.- John __________ at hospital, but now, he _________ tai chi lessons.
A) Use to work B) used to works C) use to worked D)used to work
Take taken took takes

Complete the first part of the phrasal verbs. Use each verb only once

11.- Jane and I want to ________ up to smoking.
A) tidy B) hurry C) give D) pick
12.- could you ____________ me up at 6 o’clock?
A) wake B) give C) pick D) tidy
13.- wemust __________ up or we will miss the bus.
A) get B) stand C) hurry D) pick
14.- can you _________ me up at the station.
A) give B) pick C) tidy D) stand
15.- In many countries, the pupils have to ______ up when de teacher enter the classroom
A) give B) hurry C) stand D) wake
16.- I usually have to _______ up at half past six.
A) get B) pick C) give D) tidy
17.- I must__________ up at room today
A) wake B) pick C) tidy D) get

Red the next text and choose the correct options


18.- the text is about…
a) a letter b) a description to the police c) an article d) news
19.- The person describing the situation is…
a) a man or woman b) waiter c) the driver of the blue card) bus driver
20.- the situation that occurred was…
a) a sport event b) a party c) an accident d) a movie
Complete the next sentence using the second conditional
21.-If they (use) _______public transportation, they (save)______ a lot of money.
a) use/ will save b) used / would save c) used/ save d) used/ were save
22.-If you (have) ________time in the evenings,you (go)_________ to the cinema.
a) had / would go b) have/would go c) has could go d) have/could went
23.-If I (be)__________ you, I (not spend)_________ all the money.
a) was/couldn´t spend b) were/ couldn´t spent c) was/ could spend d)be/ couldn´t spend
24.-If your friend (not be) ............... so irritant, I (visit) ............... you.
a) weren’t/would visit b)weren´t/have to...
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