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I. Fill in the chart with the missing form of the verb. You will be doing this for the next 7 sessions. A task slowly done is surely done.
|begin | BEGAN | BEGUN |beginning |
| LAY |lay | LAID | LAIDING|
|ring | RING | RUNG | RINGING |
|  | |  |shrinking |
|sing | SANG |sung | SUNG|
| SINK |sank | SUNK | SUNK |
|spring | SPRANG |sprung| SPRUNG |
|swim | SWAM | SWUM |swimming |

II.Practicepresent perfect and present perfect progressive tenses. Do the following exercises. Fill in the blanks using the present perfect and the present perfect progressive. Use the verb in parenthesis at the endof the sentence.

1.__have___ you __ever__ on the morning grass, moist with dew? (lay/ ever)

2.Several ships ___have been sink__ since the tragedy of the Titanic. (sink)

3.Her physicaltraining is tough. She __have swim__ all morning and she will be doing so all week. (swim)

4.The glee club ___have singed__ that same song over and over again. I wonder when they will master it! (sing)...
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