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Steps in the writing process
1. Prewriting: The first step in the writing process involves selecting a specific topic, gathering details about it.
2. Writing: During this step, thewriter completes the first draft using the prewriting plan as a guide.
3. Revising: During revising, the writer completes the first draft for five key traits: ideas, organization, voice, wordchoice, and sentence fluency.
4. Editing: Then the writer edits the revised draft for the conventions of punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar and proofreads the final copy beforesharing it.
5. Publishing: Finally, the writer publishes the work by preparing a final copy and sharing it with others.
Ideas: Select a specific topic that captures your interest. Create andsupport a thesis statement that explores an important part of the topic.
Organization: Organize your essay’s ideas into three main parts; beginning, middle, and ending and connect them smoothly.
Voice:Use a level of language that fits the audience and the purpose of your writing.
Word choice: Choose precise words that clearly explain your topic. Explain any specialized or unfamiliar terms.Sentence Fluency: Use a variety of sentences that connect your ideas smoothly.
Conventions: Use correct punctuation, capitalization, spelling and grammar.

Page 523
Listening and speaking skills arevery important because it helps you to communicate with other people. One day you may spend 70% of your time speaking and listening on this chapter with learn to practice and master this skills.
Know why you are listening. So that you understand what the speaker is trying to tell you. Listen for the fact: Learn 5 W and H questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How? - This will helpidentify all the important information.
Page 525
Speaking in a group discussion an important skills to master on cooperation this skill help improve
Before you speak, Listen carefully, take notes,...
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