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Name: Jorge Diaz V. Date:
Teacher: Bonnie Troncoso Section:

1) Write the appropriate questions for these answers (10points, 2 each complete question):

a. What color are they your eyes?
I have dark blue eyes.
b. How is it his hair?
She has very long hair.
c. Are you 22 years old?
No, I am 18.
d. How isPeter?
Peter is tall and good-looking.
e. How are they his brothers?
My brothers are in their twenties.

2) Answer these questions about you IN FULL. Use vocabulary learned in this unit. (10points, 2 each complete sentence)
a. How old are you?

I am 27 years old

b. What colour is your hair?

My hair is of color coffee

c. Are you medium-weight, slim or a bit overweight?

Iam a bit thin

d. What colour are your mother’s eyes?

My mother has eyes coffee

e. What are you wearing in this moment?

A rucksack with notebooks

3) Look at the picture. Answer thequestions IN FULL using the structures learned in this unit. ( 5 points, 1 each)

a. Which one is Kate?
It is the one that uses a white jacket
b. Which one is Maggie?
It is the one that converseswith Robert
c. Who is Bill?
It is the one that is sat in the sofa
d. Who is Robert?
It is the one that uses a red polera
e. Which one is Louisa?
It is the one that uses a yellow jacket and is satin the sofa

4) What does your best friend look like? Write a paragraph about your friend’s physical appearance. Include: hair, eyes, body type (medium-weight, slim, etc) height and clothes. (Don’tuse google translator or similar! Just check what you learned in this unit) (10 points, 2 points each sentence on the characteristics above)

My best friend has green eyes, blond, high and massivehair. Because of it, the women feel it attracted him. It likes to dress of black trousers and use big lenses. In the night, my friend uses hoops and expensive clock, and to support his average...
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