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  • Publicado : 28 de abril de 2011
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VIDEO No 1: Dilbert: Dogbert_s Discount Brokerage and Tech Support Video

Dogbert: 'When you open an account you'll get a free dartboard and a monkey.If your balance drops below five hundred dollars, we'll order the monkey to kill you. Well, think about it and get back to me.'

In Dogbert's Tecg Support,

Dogbert; I’ll need your serialnumber, which is conveniently located inside the unit.

Sr.: The sticker says my warranty will be void if I open the case.

Dogbert: Well, call me if anything changes.


VIDEO No 2:Dilbert: Good Morning and Bad Listener

Dilbert's Dogbert puts the mourn in good morning and hears, but does not listen. In Good Morning,

Dilbert: Isthere more to life than just working?

Dogbert: Yes, there's also the complaining about work, the nightly periods of unconsciousness and sweet sweet death.

Dilbert: Maybe I should have kids.Dogbert: To share the joy?

In Bad Listener

Dilbert: Lately every person I deal with seems to disappoint me. Every meeting starts late, every answer is misleading, every deadline is ignored and allwork is shoddily done. I guess what I'm saying is that today I need some empathy.'

Dogbert: You are totally blocking my view of the wall.


VIDEO No 3: Family Guy – Lois Jumps Peter

Lois: I’m wild awake Peter. You wanna mess around?

Peter: Lois you know I’m abstinent

Lois: Come on. Can you break your stupid plan for one night?Peter: Well, I guess we do both have needs

Peter and Lois’ noises

Lois: Oaw, what are you doing? Peter what are you doing to my ear? Get off a maid. What the hell is wrong with you?Peter: This is all I can do Lois. I’m abstinent.

Lois: That is it. I am gonna have regular sex with you whereas you like it or not.

Peter: No.

Lois: I wasn’t asking your permission.

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