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My Weekly Rutine: By
My routine starts every Monday. Since this semester my schedule has different classes and different time entrence, I never wake up at the same hour every day. From Monday toThursday I usually wake up at 6:45. I always take a shower in the morning to go fresh and awake to school. There are some days I don’t feel like waking up in the morning, but as usual, I have to pullmyself out of bed and start to get ready. After I finish getting ready, sometimes I have breakfast, because other times I don’t have enough time. Since we currently don’t have enough cars for eachperson like we use to, I have trouble to know what is going to be my form of transportation. When my brother works during the day, he can take me to school and then drive to work, but when my brotherworks at night, I can take the car and leave by myself to school while he is sleeping. When his car isn’t home, my dad has to wait for me and take me to school before he goes to work in the morning. Ireally hope we can get our car back so I can take one on my own.
After going to school, I always come back home because I have to work. Every day, we have a pastry business we have to attend, so Ialways have to help my mom to work. During the afternoon while working I also have to do my homework, its stressing sometimes because I have to attend the pastry selling or preparing pies, or frappe´s,and also have to finish my homework. It’s hard to do both things at the same time, but I always end up doing everything.
In the afternoon, when we close, and I have extra time to do other stuff, I tryto do exercise, like spinning or aerobics, but it’s not that usual. When it’s not late enough, I also go for a walk with my dog, “Toto” because he likes walking, plus its good for his health. Ihardly ever go running to the park because I don’t like to go alone.
At night before I go to sleep, I have dinner with my parents and watch TV for a while, not always, but usually before I go to bed....