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Mr. Andarcia: Hello brother, how are you?
Mr. Flores: Fine, Fine and you?
Mr. Andarcia: I'm super cool
Mr. Flores: Are you ready to start school?
Mr. Andarcia: Yes, we will begin
Mr. Flores: andyou did this weekend?
Mr. Andarcia: I went to a party with my girlfriend, and had fun! and you?
Mr. Flores: I had to make the task of fiscal dynamics
Mr. Andarcia: I forgot to do homework, thenlend me your book
Mr. Flores: ok brother ...
Luis: how are you boys?
Mr. Flores: Super fine, and you Luis?
Luis: Sad because I could not talk to my girlfriend.
Mr. Flores: We told him to call youLuis: Yes, but I forgot your phone number
Mr. Andarcia: Well, it will be for the next Louis,
Luis: If it's worth, I hope that is not mad at me
Mr. Flores: Look Luis made ​​the task of fiscaldynamics?
Luis: What is a job?
Mr. Flores: If the work is of Taxes
Luis: I'll tell the teacher who was sick.
Mr. Andarcia: He was sick because of love
Mr. Flores: (jajaja) you're crazy Andarcia
Mr.Flores: Well, Luis I hope that Professor trusted you
Luis: I do not think, but let's see the teacher says
Mr: Andarcia: Surely you will not mind that, Because last week I´ ll apply it to me
Mr.Flores: (jajajaja) ... we need to pass this matter
Mr. Andarcia: I am Excellent in fiscal dynamic
Luis: Sure, andarcia
Mr. Flores: Well, I'd rather do the homework before the teacher arrives
Luis: Ifyou go, we will get 1 point
Mr. Andarcia: You know brother, 1 point is 1 point. (jajajajaa)
Luis: At what does time the class begin?
Mr. Flores: The class begins at 8:00 am
Mr. Andarcia: But itis 9:00 am. And the teacher?
Mr. Flores: I don´t know, but I’m sure it´s late today
Luis: I'm not going to believe, but I sent a MSG saying that the teacher does not come
Mr. Andarcia: Now, teachersdon´t want to teacher
Luis: somer other time then
Mr Flores: like today?
Mr. Andarcia: You know brother ... lol
Mr. Flores: Luis, Ask Mary, if the teacher went to class today
Luis: She tells...
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