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Closing Activities

A. Look at the pictures. What’s the weather like?
1. It’s a raining 2. It’s snowing 3. Its sonny 4. It’s windy
B. Circle the correct words.
1. It’s Halloween tomorrow. Let’s decorate the house.
2. I’m sorry your back hurts. Get well soon!
3. I can’t write because my hand hurts.
4. I really want to relax. Can we stay at the hotel andsit in the sun.
5. We can’t go hiking on that mountain. It looks safe.
6. Are you going to the stadium to night for the football game?
7. Why don’t we go rock climbing? It’s a fantastic experience.
8. I can’t find my ticket for the theater tonight. Do you know where it is?
C. Complete with the present progressive of the verbs in parentheses.
1. A: What you doing?
B: Isending an e-mail to john.
2. A: Where’s jean?
B: She decorating the living room for the party on New Year’s Eve.
3. A: Doing you going to a party now?
B: Yes, it’s my best friend birthday.
4. My mother preparing some snacks right now but my dad not helping her. He watches TV.
5. It snowing outside and the children making a snowman in the yard.
D. Complete with the present simpleor present progressive of the verbs in parentheses.
It’s Thursday, 3 o’clock in the afternoon and the Smiths (1) being al at home. Olivia (2) does usually her homework at this time of day, but its Thanksgiving today, so she (3) helps her mom in the kitchen. They (4) prepares Thanksgiving dinner. Her dad (5) watches TV. But now he (6) decorating the living room. Shelia, Olivia’s little sister,(7) sites on the sofa. She (8) drawing pictures for this special day.
E. Complete the sentences with the present progressive of the verb in parentheses.
1. I am having a party tomorrow. Do you want to come?
2. Mary’s sister leaving for Italy next weekend.
3. You coming with us to the restaurant?
4. We meeting some hold friends tonight.
5. What you doing on Friday?
F.Complete the dialogues with the wishes in the box.
a. Good luck! b. Have a nice trip! c. Congratulations! d. Merry Christmas! e. Happy Birthday! f. Get well soon. |

1. A: Where are you going?
B: I’m going to Rome.
A: That sounds great! Have a nice trip!
2. A: Happy Birthday! How old are you now?
B: I’m seven years old.
3. A: Merry Christmas! You win a MP3 player.
B:Thank you very much?
4. A: Are you taking part in the race?
B: Yes, I am.
A: Good luck!
5. A: Hey James. Congratulations! this present is for you.
B: Oh, thank you and this is for you. I hope you like it.
6. A: Why are you in bed?
B: I don’t feel very well.
A: Oh! Get well soon.
G. Read the letter and complete the diary.
Hello Sophie!
I’m in Egypt and it’s awesome! Todayit’s very hot. Cairo is a beautiful city with many things to see and do. Tomorrow, I’m visiting the Cairo museum and I’m going shopping. I’m buying souvenirs for my friends and friends and family. On June 25Th, I’m visiting the great Pyramids of Giza. I’m also riding a camel. On the next day, I want to do water sports in the Red See. I’m much exited! See you next week, Jerry.

1. June 24* Visit Cairo museum
* Go sopping
2. June 25
* Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza
* Riding a camel
3. June 26
* Want to do water sports in the Red See.

A. Cross out odd word. Then, add one more.
1. Cold-hot-windy-sonny
2. Fishing-amazing-hiking-camping
3. Square-zoo-bridge-palace
4. leg-head-knee-foot
B. Complete with the words in the box.

Friendly Popular Hotel Area Island Money |
1. The spring festival is very popular in my city.
2. I want to go to an island for my summer vacations this year. I love swimming.
3. David loves staying at a hotel during his vacations. He doesn’t like camping.
4. Mr. Taylor is a very friendly person. He’s my...
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