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  • Publicado : 27 de diciembre de 2011
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PI= Policía Identifica CH= Delincuente PD=Policía Detiene PC=Policía Calabozos
PI: Good morning Sir!
CH: Good morning
PI: Your passport please
CH: Here you are. // Mira la foto y los datos porencima//
PI: What´s your full name?
CH: My full name is Mike Smith
PI: What´s your date of birth?
CH: The second of March, nineteen ninety.
PI: What´s the place of your birth?
CH: My place ofbirth is London
PI: Then, are you British?
CH: Yes, this is my nationality.
PI: Why your passport is from Australia?
CH: Because, I live in Australia for twenty years ago and I have bothnationalities.
PI: What´s your address in your country?
CH: Six, Oxford Street, Sydney.
PI: What´s your address here, in Spain?
CH: Meliá Hotel, Room thirty-one in Madrid.
PI: What are you doing here?
CH:I´m on holidays.
PI: How long will you stay here?
CH: I am going to travel to London next Friday.
PI: Are you here with anybody?
CH: I come here with my girlfriend.
PI: Where is your girlfriend?CH: She is in the hotel.
PI: One moment please, I have to check your information.
CH: Why? Is everything ok?
PI: Yes Sir, wait here one minute, please.
// Ahora saca una pistola porque le van adescubrir, pero el Policía que apoya la identificación le ve, y procede a darle el alto.
PD: Don´t move! Freeze! Drop the gun! Put the gun on the floor right now!
CH: Oh! Oh! Keep calm! Don´t shoot me,please! I am going to drop the gun!
PD: Come on! Put your hands where I can see them!
// Tira el arma, y pone la manos visibles
PD: Against the wall! Put your hands on the wall! Spread your arms!Spread your legs! Put your feet back! Wider! I´m going to frisk you!
PD: I am going to handcuff you.
//Lectura de derechos//
PD: You are under arrest for “illegal possession of weapons”.
PD: Theseare your legal rights:
• Not to make any statement if you don´t want.
• Not to make any statement against yourself.
• Not to plead guilty.
• Not to answer to any questions....
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