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1. The types of classroom speaking performance categories are?
Imitative, intensive, responsive, transactional,interpersonal and extensive.
2. What offers imitated to students …
Offer to students the opportunity to repeat, interact and focusing in different elements of language.
3.For what was designed intensive?
To practice some phonological and grammatical aspects.
4. What strategy can we use in responsive?
A) Dialogues
B) Grammar
D) Exchanging information
5. What is the purpose of transactional (dialogue)?
Is exchange specific information (conversation).

Level | Elementary|
Time | 10-20 minutes. |
Aim | To help students recognize and express feelings |
Preparation | Prepare 10 or 15 cards (vocabulary) with a picture on each to cover allthe possible feelings that they can use commonly : Boring, sad, sink, hungry, angry, etc. |
Procedure | 1.-Show one card and ask if they know how can say when they feel …?Paste the card on the board and write the word next to the image, gives some examples like this.Happy, sad, tired, boring, etc.
2.-Read an example of “teacher´s routine” and ask tostudents if they can identify the feelings on the text (wallchart) then they have to underline the sentences. In the school | In my house | When I wake up | With myboyfriend/girlfriend | With my friends |
I´m feel happy | | | | |
In the library | With my grandparents | In my English class | In the park | In the church |
| | | | |3.-the students have to complete the chart and they can practice in pairs saying their routine. |
Remarks | This activity could be used with other adjectives or subjects |
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