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  • Publicado : 21 de enero de 2012
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Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela
Ministerio del poder popular para la Educación
U.E. Colegio “Monseñor castro”
2 Cs “B”


*González, Alejandra #09*Moreno, Thalia #27
*Palencia, Gerardo #32
*Rodríguez, Omak #37
*Romero, Yorfranlys #40

Santa Ana de Coro, 28 de octubre del 2011

*Thalia: Hello.

*Omak: Hi, how are you?*Thalia: I’m fine, and your?

*Omak: Also I’m fine, thanks.

*Alejandra: Sorry, I'm a tourist, this is the mall?

*Omak y Thalia: Yes, this is.

*Thalia: I can help you?

*Alejandra: Well, I'mlooking for my friend yorfranlys.

*Omak: She is waiting for you?

*Thalia: So, what's your name?

*Alejandra: I do not know, and my name is Alejandra, well it's late, bye bye, thanks for helping.*Yorfranlys: Hey ale, I'm here, for there you are. And who are they?

*Alejandra: I see a friend at last, oh, they helped me because I was a little lost. She is my friend.

*Thalia: Hello, myname is thalia.

*Omak: My name is omak, nice to meet you.

*Yorfranlys: The pleasure is mine.

*Thalia: omak, look beyond this Gerardo, call it.

*Omak: It's true. Hey admin come here!*Gerardo: Hello my friends, I'm happy I had a good day, what happened?

*Omak: Look we are new friends and tourists.

*Yorfranlys: Hello, her name is Alejandra and mine Yorfranlys, much like.*Alejandra: Hi, nice to meet.

*Gerardo: hello, my name is admin and the taste is mine.

*Thalia: What if you eat ice cream?.

*Omak: I can not; I have to go to my English course.

*Gerardo: I'mso sorry friend.

*Omak: I have to leave friends, because I'll be late, see you tomorrow, bye.

*Todos: Bye bye, see you tomorrow.

*Alejandra: Sorry we can not, our bus leaves at ten o'clock atnight, and will give.

*Thalia: Ray, well, then they have very good trip, was a pleasure to know.

*Yorfranlys: The pleasure was ours, thanks to two, bye.

*Gerardo: Thalia bye, see you...
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