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Christmas Podcast Intro Hello, and welcome to our Christmas podcast for December 2008. - Music This is a Mansion Ingles podcast from Music I’d like to tell you about some traditional British Christmas customs during this podcast. But before that, lets practise some vocabulary connected toChristmas and the festive season. First of all the days and dates of the Christmas holiday which is the holiday period for about a week before and after Christmas Day. The 24th of December is Christmas Eve. The 25th of December is, of course, Christmas Day. Did you hear the word of in the 25th of December. It’s a weak sound, débil. Listen: the 25th of December. It’s the same sound that we practised inlast month’s podcast: the sound this sound is also in the word the Repeat: the 25th of December – of December - the 25th of December. We can say the 25th of December or December the 25th . American English tends to forget the article the. So, just December 25th. New Year's Eve is the 31st of December and New Year's Day is on the 1st of January Repeat: the 1st of January - New Year's Day, the 31stof December - New Year's Eve la Noche de Reyes is Twelfth Night. Twelfth Night is also a famous play by Shakespeare. British people don’t normally give presents on Twelfth Night or Reyes. It isn’t really celebrated in the UK. It’s more of a Spanish festival. Boxing day is on December the 26th. It isn’t called boxing day because there are a lot of boxing matches on TV (as I thought when I was achild), but many years ago rich people used to give their employees and servants some extra money or gifts for Christmas. And the servants had boxes for this purpose, so it became known as boxing day. There were also boxes in churches that were opened on Boxing day and the money was given to the poor. People still say today that they get a Christmas box, a sort of bonus, at Christmas time. Boxingday is a national holiday in the UK. So, what day is December the 25th? – Christmas Day. And December the 24th? – Christmas Eve. When is New Year’s Eve? – December 31st. What is December the 26th called? – Boxing Day. You might see the word Christmas written X-M-A-S this is an abbreviation, a short form for Christmas. You may even hear X-mas, an informal term for Christmas What’s the name for theold man with a red suit and a white beard who brings presents, or gifts (regalos) for children on Christmas Eve? Father Christmas or Santa Claus or just Santa Santa’s preferred mode of transport is his reindeer (reno is Spanish) – it’s a deer with large antlers (or cuernos), found in some cold climates. Santa’s reindeer pull his sleigh (trineo) which is full of gifts for children. The wordsleigh has an unusual spelling it’s s-l-e-i-g-h. sleigh How does Father Christmas traditionally enter a house? What’s chimenea in English? Chimney. He enters through the chimney. Don’t confuse the words chimney and fireplace. I think it’s the same word in Spanish. The fireplace is a partly enclosed space in a house where people light a fire for warmth. The fireplace is at the bottom of the chimney.And the chimney is where the smoke (or humo) leaves the house. Listen and repeat: Santa Claus - Santa Claus / reindeer - reindeer / antlers - antlers / sleigh - sleigh / chimney chimney / fireplace - fireplace A white Christmas is a Christmas with snow on the ground (not very common here in Valencia), and a snowman is a muñeco de nieve Moving to the Christmas dinner table, A Christmas cracker is adecorated paper tube that makes a sharp noise ("crack!") and releases a small toy and a paper hat when two people pull it apart listen:

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I think you know the English word for pavo. It’s turkey Christmas cake is pastel de Navidad - lleva frutas, mazapán, y azúcar glas it’s a very rich and heavy cake. Eggnog spelt E-G-G-N-O-G eggnog is a...
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