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1. E.T. ate a Reese´s Pieces in the movie E.T., Extra-Terrestrial.

2. A PEZ dispenser had Mickey Mouse´s head on it.

3. In the 1980s, gummy bears became available in the United States.4. Life Savers were made in 1912 and are still popular today.

5. All candies are popular for Halloween.

6. Baby Ruth was named after President Cleveland´s daughter.

7. Many people thinkthe Baby Ruth was named after Babe Ruth in 1920.

8. Hershey´s Kisses got their name from the sound the machine makes when it drops the candy.

9. Snickers got its name from the candy companyowner´s horse.

10. In Candy Land, people move their game pieces to get King Kandy.
a. They were sold in other countries before that time.

b. He chose the mane for his products.

c. Theyare made in a factory.

d. He was a popular cartoon character at the time.

e. It doesn´t matter what kind of candy you give for this holiday.

f. Her mane was Ruth.

g. The first person toget to him wins the game.

h. They were sold from 1912 until now.

i. Then children wanted to eat the candy, too.

j. He was a popular baseball player in the 1920s.

1. E.T. se comió un Reesepiezas en la película ET, el extraterrestre.

2. Un dispensador PEZ tenía la cabeza de Mickey Mouse en él.

3. En la década de 1980, ositos de goma llegó a estar disponible en los Estados Unidos.

4.Life Savers se hicieron en 1912 y siguen siendo populares hoy en día.

5. Todos los dulces son muy populares para Halloween.

6. Baby Ruth fue nombrada después de la hija del presidente Cleveland.7. Muchas personas piensan que el bebé Ruth fue nombrada después de Babe Ruth en 1920.

8. Kisses de Hershey obtuvieron su nombre por el sonido de la máquina hace que cuando se deja caer el caramelo.9. Snickers debe su nombre a caballo del dueño de la compañía de dulces.

10. En la tierra del caramelo, las personas mueven sus piezas del juego para obtener el rey de Kandy.

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