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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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A: I have a horrible trouble
S: What happened?
A: Last night I was in a party with some friends. We were having a good time, when I went to the table anddiscovered that someone had stolen my bag!
S: Oh my god. And what do you had into your bag?
A: I had my ID, my car pass, my university membership card, and 200.000pesos.
S: And what will you do?
A: I don´t know. Probably I should tell this to my mom, she doesn’t know and she will be really angry.
S: But, why?
A: Becauseshe told me that I shouldn’t take this money last night. And now I don’t know what I’ll tell her.
S: mmm… so say to her that you were arriving to the party, and aman robed you and you were taking the money and the man told you that you have to give him your bag. And you couldn’t do anything!
A: this is a good idea, just thatI have to find this money because is for my enrollment in the U. and I have to take my ID again!
S: so you have to find a temporary job. You can go to a bar andask if they need a waitress! This is a good job, and you don’t have to interrupt your normally activities on day. I have been working in Ozzy Bar since January, andthen they pay me 30.000 pesos by night and the tips were mine.
A: I think you’re right , I’m going to do this , I’m really scared about my mom’s reaction ,shouldn’t took that money!
S: calm down, everything will be okay, you just have to work harder and tell your mom what happened and ask her for an apologize, I’m sure shewill understand it !
A: yes I will do this , I’m sure my mom will understand it , thanks for support me , well let’s go , tomorrow it will be a very long day.
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