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1- qualified/preparado
*Good financial management needs sufficient, well-qualified staff.
2- qualm/ remordimiento
*She feels great qualm of guilt.
*Mr President to my mind we are in something of a quandary here.
4- quaint/pintoresco
*The picture is quaint.
5- queasiness/nausea
*Yaresia suffers of queasiness.
6- queer/raro
*This toyis queer.
7- quell/sofocar
*Ernest is quelling Daniela.
8- quicksilver/ mercurio
*This rocks are quicksilver.
9- querel/riña-disgusto-pelea
*I have no quarrel with that
10- quay/muelle
*Thequay is nice.
11- query/duda
* Ms. President, I would query your ruling that the two amendments are compatible.
12- quibble/quejarse-detalle sin importar
*I have no quibble with the Socialists forwhat they did in pursuing their agenda.
13- quips/chistes-bromear
*Susan accounts quips.
14- quotation/cita
*The quotation is from the Schulz report.
15- rabbet/ranura
*Key’s rabbet is small.16- ransack/registrar de arriba abajo
*Cristal ransacked her room.
17- ravish/violar
*He ravished the laws.
18- recite/recitar
*Andrea recited a poem.
19- reject/rechazar
*She reject a joboffer.
20- relish/saborear
*He relishes a delicious cake.
21- race/raza
*This dog is race.
22- racketeer/mafioso-persona que hace negocios deshonestos.
*Esaul is a racketeer person.
*Radish is a delicious vegetable.
24- raisin/pasa de uva
*Raisin is a delicious fruit.
25- rodent/roedor
*Mouse is an excelente rodent.
26- rancorous/rencoroso
*Silvia is a rancorousperson.
*He needs rally many votes.
28- rambler/excursionista
* Ramiro is an excelent rambler.
29- ranger/guardabosques
*He is a ranger,
30- ransack/registrar
*Yahir ransacked histraces.
31- raspberry/frambuesa
*Raspberry is a delicious fruit in the World.
32- raven/cuervo
*Raven is a dangerous animal.
33- ravenous/hambriento
*Lion is ravenous.
34- reasonable/razonable...
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