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Module 1… Science Matters (Describing situations of cause and result)
1. Space Travel
2. Look It Up
3. What’s Up In The Sky?
4. Sci-Fi Inventions
5. Let’s See What Happens
6. Sci-Fi Adventure
7. A Source Of Life
8. Would You Like To Come?

1 Science Matters
(Describing situations of cause and result)
* Do you think science is interesting?
* Have you everbeen to an interactive science museum?
In this module you will find:
* An interview with a space tourist
* Searching for a giant sea creature
* Learn all about sun
* A Sci-Fi competition
* Experiment! Make a rainbow
* Story: The time machine
* E-mail: An invitation to an interactive science museum
* To discuss future plans
* To make on-the-spotdecisions
* To make requests, offers and promises
* To make predictions
* To make threats and express warnings
* To make hypotheses
* To talk about general truths
* To invite and accept or refuse an invitation

1 Space travel
Complete the sentences with the words form activity A.
1. The pilot can’t take off the plane because there is a terrible storm.
2. Mr Jenningsis an astronomer, He spends hours studying the stars.
3. An astronaut doesn’t need to wear a space suit when he is inside the space shuttle.
4. A: Come on, let’s go home. Debbie’s on the plane now.
B: Let’s stay. I want to see the plane land.
Read the tables.
Future Going To |
I’m going to play | I’m not going to play |
HeShe ‘sGoing to playIt | HeShe ‘s not Going to play It |
WeYou’re Going to playThey | WeYou’re not Going to play They |

Am I going to play? |
Is She going to play? It |
WeAre You going to play? They |
Time Expressions |Tomorrow/tonight/soonNext month/year, etc.This week/month, etc.In an hour/year, etc. |

Complete with the future going to of the verbs in the box
Visit Get Hit Drive Stay |

1. A: How are you going to get to the concert tonight?
B: I’m going to drive there. Do you wanta ride?
3. Look Out! You are going to hit that tree!
3. A: Are we going to visit Jake and Rose this weekend?
B: No, we are going to stay home.

2 Look It Up!
Read the sentences below. What do the phrases in bold mean?. Match them with the definitions.
1. Im Looking for my sneakers. Are they in the kitchen? (B)
2. I don’t know that word. Let’s look it up in the dictionary.(D)
3. Liz is looking forward to Friday. She’s going to have a party (E)
4. Can you look after my cat while I’m away on vacation? (A)
5. Look out! That shelf is going to fall on your head. ( C)

A. Take care B. Try to find C. Be careful D. Try to find information in a book E. Feel excited about something that is going to happen |

Read the tables.
FutureWill |
I You He She Will EatItWe YouThey | I You He She Will Not EatItWe YouThey | I You He Will She Eat? It We You They |

We use the future will for on-the-spot decisions, offers, requests, promises, warnings and threats|

Match the sentences with the responses
1. Cynthia! You didn’t do the dishes this morning! (E)
2. I lost your sunglasses. I’m sorry! ( C)
3. I can’t find my cell phone. (A)
4. I need to go to the library (B)
5. Will you open the door for me? (D)
a. I’ll help you look for it b. I’ll come with you
c. I wont lend you my things ever again!...
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