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A.Complete the sentences by using a verb in the Present Simple. Here is a list of verbs to use:

play- teach- close- live- go- meet-work-drink- care- take

1. Lions___live__________ in Africa.
2. My parents _____go________ on holiday to Brazil every summer.
3. My mother___works_________ in an office
4. My job is interesting . I ____meet_______ a lot of people.5. In Santiago the banks usually ____close______at 2 pm
6. Maria is a teacher, she ____teaches________ maths to children.
7. I ___drink______ coffee everyday.
8. He ___plays______ theguitar at nights.
9. She is a nurse, She _____cares______ for patients in a hospital.
10. Tom ___takes____ a shower at 7 every day.

B.Change the sentences:

Into negative:

1. She lives nearmy house.
She doesn’t live near my house________________________
2. Tom plays football on Sunday mornings.
Tom doesn’t play football on Sunday mornings._________________
3. My sister and I likechocolate.
My sister and I don’t like chocolate__________________________
4. They work very hard.
They don’t work very hard._____________________________
5. I go to the park on Saturdays.
I don’tgo to the park on Saturdays.______________________

Into Affirmative:

6. They don´t have lunch at home on Fridays.
They do have lunch at home on Fridays.______________________
7. She doesn´thave English lessons in the evening.
She has English lessons in the evening. __________________

8. I don´t drink milk everyday.
I do drink milk everyday.________________________________9. My dad doesn´t go to bed late at nights.
My dad does go to bed late at nights._______________________
10. We don´t get up before 8 am.
We do get up before 8am._____________________________
C.Correct the mistakes and re write the sentences:

1. I´m play basketball on Saturdays.
I play basketball on Saturdays___________________________
2. She don´t like horror films....
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