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Why do people dream, what do the dreams mean, what are the secrets of the dream state are coveres in this article.
Interest in dreams is as old as mankind himself. Mankind's oldest book the Bible is full of them, with the first recorded dream occurring around 1900 B.C.E. The Greeks, Romans and Babylonians all put great hope in dreams, especially on the eve of battle. They believed that throughdreams their Gods would direct them to victory. Today the interest in dreams and their interpretation is no less profound. In the early 20th Century Sigmund Freud referred to dreams as "˜the royal road to the unconscious.' He gave his own interpretations of dreams on the basis of our repressed desires, especially the sexual urge. Today it is generally held that Freud's interpretation of dreamswas overly simplified. But why do we dream in the first place?
Dreams are often a response to our daily thoughts, activities and sensations. They are often, then, a reflection of what has consumed our minds in the preceding day or two. Dreams are apparently a necessary part of our being. Experiments have been done in which adult subjects were given drugs that progressively eliminated their rapideye movement (REM) sleep. It is during REM that dreams occur. The depriving of the ability to dream resulted in marked personality changes in such subjects. They became increasingly abrasive and anxious and found it difficult to concentrate. It was also shown that the younger a person is, the more important dreams are to their well being.
Scientific studies have resulted in some universallyaccepted conclusions about dreams. Firstly, it is apparent that everyone dreams, even those who would deny it. Dreaming is as natural as breathing. Babies dream much more than adults. Infants, in fact, spend about 70 percent of their sleep time dreaming. In comparison, adults spend just 24 percent of their sleep time in the dream state. It appears that animals also dream.
Do you like to findhidden meanings in your dreams? Do you ever wonder why do people dream? Would you like to control your dreams? We spend one-third of our lives sleeping and most of it dreaming.
Many people perceive dreams to be important because:
* Dreams are important for our overall well-being and health. Dream deprivation leads to irritability, disorientation, and depression.
* Dreams are our connectionwith our subconscious mind. They reveal suppressed emotions, as well as our innermost desires and fears.
* Recurring dreams may point to an unresolved issue in our lives. This helps us understand how to reduce stress and where we may need help.
* Dreams can provide guidance and inspiration for ideas and creativity.
A lot of information about understanding why people dream, and analyzingyour own dreams, is now easily available on the web. A simple search reveals dozens of sites that claim to help you interpret your dreams. Unfortunately, many of them are outdated or are marketing gimmicks for selling books or premium services. Let us see some of the best free sites and how you can make use of them.

Remember Your Dreams
The first step is to sleep well. Perhaps these sounds tohelp you relax and sleep can help? Typically, five minutes after we wake up, half the content of dreams is forgotten. After ten minutes, 90% is lost. Here are some guides to help you remember dreams:
* WikiHow provides a 10-Step guide and some tips to remembering dreams
* Reader’s Digest offers 7 ways for better dream recall
* Tips and resources from an expert to increase dreamawareness and recall
This should get you started, but remember to be patient and persistent. Find out what works best for you.
Have you ever thought about the question, "Why do people dream"? Dream study is not something new. The curious nature of humans makes us wonder why things work the way they do - and why things happen the way they do. Just think about the money that has been spent on space...
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