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Project 6: Illnesses


*Identifica y utiliza vocabulario relacionado con enfermedades para hablar acerca de problemas de salud y aconsejar remedios.

*Escucha, lee einterpreta textos orales y escritos sobre hábitos alimenticios, cómo comer de una manera saludable y experiencias propias o de compañeros.


*In this activity youwill recognize and use vocabulary related to illnesses and remedies, and the use of “if” and “when” to introduce common situations.

*Text about different weather conditions.

1.- Forthe vocabulary related to illnesses

*Student’s book Unit 10 (page 94 and 95). To practice check your Workbook page 69 and 70

*On the framework student’s book page 94, listen to the audioCD track 10.3 and 10.4 to complete the exercises.

2.- For vocabulary related to the weather:

*Student’s book Unit 10 (page 96 and 97). To practice check your Workbook page 70 andreference book page 14.

*Check pronunciation about the weather on the framework student’s book page 96 and 97, listen to the audio CD track 10.5 and 10.6.

*Listen track 10.8 and see if theanswers on page 97 are correct.

3.- For more information about Illnesses visit the following web page:

4.- For more information about the weather visit the following webpage:

Instructions for project 4:

[pic] Imagine that you work at IMSS andyour boss asked you to make a leaflet for the population, in which you are going to choose five illnesses and you are going to give advices for each one. Use images to represent each illness.
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