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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2010
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Instructional Video
(How to do a good video scene)

For this project, my partner and I were thinking about doing a video about the process and what we need to create a video scene.First of all, we are going to decide which place are we going to use to shot our video, next step is to get all what we need. We are going to use two cameras to do it. The first one is torecord everything and the second one will be to use it as an example of “how to do it’. We also will get some stuff that is necessary for the video. For example, in the table we will putall the necessary elements from the camera to show you how to set up a camera and then how to shot a scene. Cassettes, batteries, tripod, cables will be some of the equipment we are goingto present in our video.
The steps that we are going to show in our video are: how are we going to set up the camera (first the batteries, cassettes, turn it on and how to do whitebalance (if camera has that feature) and the final step will be how to shot in different places such as in a park, a night shot and in an inside shot. The difficulties that we could havefor this project could be the fact of the lighting; we are going to shot without the lighting equipment so we need to be careful with it, also we need to find out the place to do themain shot, we need a place with enough space to shot just what we want and a quite place to avoid more sound that usually we have.
Technically, some issues that we may occur are thefact that when we are capturing, start missing some parts of the footage, as happened to me with the project before this one, also we may have careful with the quality of the video toavoid pixilation and chance the resolution color if necessary. Also the fact of the B-roll could be a problem, try to fit what the narration is saying with what we have as footage. Also,
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